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I cover many different topics on this blog. I'm trying to use the label system to make the topics easier to find and browse through. Here's a list of my top labels so you can find the topics that interest you most.

  1. Practical - these are posts with practical applications to life and ministry. 
  2. PowerPoint - posts that talk about the popular presentation software, how to use it and what it can do.
  3. Informational - posts to let you know what's going on in the world and to give you ideas about what you might do. 
  4. Technology - anything and everything related to gadgets, computers and software that might help your communication. 
  5. Preaching - tips on the craft of preaching, discussions on the theory of preaching and the whole gamut in between. 
  6. Gospel - the good news, what it meant, what it means and how to share it. 
  7. How to Share the Good News without Being Evangelistic - a special selection of posts all centered around the topic of making friends and making disciples. 
  8. Images - finding, editing and using images to communicate the good news. 
  9. Change - how to deal with change, start change and weather change. 
  10. Tips and Tricks - mostly related to PowerPoint and presenting, these are tips you can put to use right away. 
  11. Facebook - how to communication the good news through social media. 
  12. Writing - the craft, passion, work and joy of writing. 
  13. Connection - communication can only happen when we're connected with people. 
  14. Software - reviews, thoughts and tips on software to use in your work. 
  15. Brain Rules - applying neuroscience to communication and ministry. 
  16. Communication - how we share what we need to share in effective ways. 
  17. Disciple Cycle - the process of being disciples that make disciples. 

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