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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

9 Reasons to Be Creative

Creativity is a uniquely human characteristic, well, kind of. When God created humanity in his image, he gave us the ability to be creative. It's a part of who we are, because of who God is. No animals are creative. They may show the ability to figure out tools or communicate, but they don't create for the joy of creation. They don't make art or write music. People do.

You should embrace your creativity.

1. Because it's what you were made to do. You're created in God's image with the ability to create and make something that has never existed before. You can reflect God to the world by creating something that is wholly new and completely yours.
2. Because no one else can. There is nobody who can do what you can do. No one else in the world who has ever lived can create the things that you can create. It's not about having enough talent, it's about using the talent you have. Your words, your images, your lyrics and your melodies are unique. Share them with the world.
3. Because you have a voice. Michelangelo is credited with saying: "I critique by making something beautiful." Your creativity lets you critique, praise and shape the world around you. You can comment on politics, religion, art or your local parks department. Just let your voice come out in your creativity.
4. Because of those who have gone before you. Creativity isn't done in a vacuum. You're inspired and shaped by all of the people who have gone before you. The people who taught you your craft, the people who inspired you and even the people who discouraged you. They've all contributed to making you the creator that you are.
5. Because of the blandness of the world. So much of what's going on in the world today is repackaging. Movies are reboots instead of new ideas. Books are all about a topic that's popular (vampires or zombies) rather than what's good. In a world that sticks to the formula because it's safe, we need you to break the mold, because it's interesting.
6. Because of those who will come after you. The next generation of creators needs you to teach and inspire them to be creative. Just like you were inspired and taught, you need to share that with them. Give your creativity as a blessing to help the people who are doubting whether they can do it.
7. Because your heart demands it. You are filled with thoughts about how to shape the world around you. In little ways, or in big ways, your creativity reflects what's within you. Getting your heart out and expressed gives it power and stability. It allows you to interact with yourself in new and meaningful ways.
8. Because it's redemptive. God took ashes and brought beauty. It's not only creative to make something out of nothing, but to redeem what's lost. Take trash and make art. Take old words and revive them. Take your old experiences and redeem them.
9. Because it's prophetic. God didn't create us to sit still and be quiet. He gave us talents and skills to be used. He didn't put Adam and Eve in the garden to laze around, but to work. When we are re-united with God in the New Eden, we won't be there to sit around and be lazy. We'll be there with a purpose, with creativity and joy. We'll get to continue the very good work of God and keep making new and wonderful things.

Now, go and create!


chris said...

excellent James! I believe creativity is absolutely a God thing... I never felt very creative until I started following Jesus and boy has it blossomed for me :)

E. G. Lewis said...

Welcome to the Chain Gang. You have a great list. I noticed the NaNoWriMo label below today's post which must mean you, too, are in a race against the clock. Wishing you the best in your endeavor

Victor Travison said...

Good list. I saw myself in every one of them. My talent and voice are unique, but I have no reason to bask in them, as though I did it all myself. God molded the events in my life to do what I'm doing today.

~ VT

Tracy Krauss said...

'Creativity' is my catch-phrase (or word, as it were...) My blog's tagline is 'the creative process from a christian perspective'. I live to be creative and I love it when people talk about how we humans are wired to do so. We are created in HIS image, after all. This was such a great list. thanks! (Now its back to my NaNo!)

Traci B said...

Amen! Nine times amen! Terrific post for the blog chain, James. You've articulated why I write, make jewelry, crochet, take photos and even why I hoopdance. God put a creative spark in me that has to be kept aflame; otherwise, I'm one miserable creature and definitely no ambassador for Christ.

Just had to stop in before I start my NaNoing for the day and say thanks for joining the CW chain gang and sharing your creativity with us. :)

Sheila Odom Hollinghead said...

Great list! Thanks so much for sharing!

Christine Henderson said...

I see both you and Tracy are participating in the NaNoMo good luck to you for reaching your goal.

I love this post and was wondering if you would allow me to use this as a guest blog column in December. Email me to let me know.

Thanks for reasons to write!

James Wood said...

Thanks so much for all of the kind comments. I'm busy cranking on NaNo (5,560 words so far), but I'm glad to find a community of writers to journey with. It's much more encouraging to know that I'm not alone in this pursuit.

From Carol's Quill said...

Wonderful post, James. It's great to be reminded of these reasons to do what we do. Some days we feel like we're all alone in this. Much appreciated.

Keith Wallis said...

Great stuff - I feel that I've been released to be creative.

Cindee Snider Re said...

Welcome to the CW Blog Chain! "...embrace your creativity," -- the longing of my heart. Great words to begin this joyous season of celebration!

Keri Mae said...

That was pretty inspiring! I'm still in the *ok, Lord, how do you want to use my creativity* season. I have lots of dabblings, but no real passion to pursue *it* because I don't even know what *it* is yet.

Scott Fields said...

We talk about the "what" so often, sometimes we forget to discuss the "why." This was an excellent dissertation on just that. Glad to have you in the chain!

Sheila Odom Hollinghead said...

So agree with these!

Thanks for sharing!

CH Dyer said...

Terrific James. Creativity is in our DNA. I like point eight the best, bringing it back to spiritual basics adds depth.