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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Here are several pictures that I took in Kenya in the summer of 1998


spcpeters said...

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tracey said...

Okay, lots of strange but very cool coincidences happening today. First of all, thanks for visiting my photoblog, James, and for the compliments! I was trying to find an email address I could write to, but to no avail. Anyway, first strange coincidence is that the guy who commented here before me just commented on my photoblog earlier today (I guess if you know him then it might not be so strange...). Also, my husband is a campus minister, so I might just pass your site along to him and our preacher. Okay, you asked for pointers. Hmm. First, I am seriously jealous of you getting to go to Kenya and Hawaii (unless you weren't there). Sorry, back to pointers...I am very critical of my own work, so it's difficult to be critical of anyone else's work, but here goes. I think you do a great job with some of your composition, like the one with the low-sitting clouds (love that!). Sometimes it is hard to know where the focal point is. One thing that can really make a good photographer: cropping when you take the photo, not later on. I will spend quite a bit of time just staring through the lens, not taking a photo, until I have all of the elements composed just so. Some of your photos seem to need a bit more contrast, and I loved that stained-glass shot, but I liked the pre-Photoshop version better because there is more contrast. The sunsets were very nice. The ones with the water flowing through Kenya were good, although I wanted to be closer to the water. I find that too many photos are taken from everyone's normal perspective. What makes a photo more interesting is when you see it from below or above, something like that. And foreground elements are always a plus. I loved the little Kenyan boy waving, but I really wanted a close shot of his face. That's all I have for now, plus I feel like I've rambled on and on. Email me if you would like!

Tim Lewis said...

I'll do it, I just think you might want more than what I can do. Plus I don't have the time right now. Give me 6 months.