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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Say Less to Communicate More

I spent the end of June in Germany on tour with my community choir. You can read more about our exploits here.

One of the nights on tour we were in the town of Trossingen and we were invited to a garden party. We walked over to the location and were handed coupons for free drinks. We sat down and felt very out of place - at first. It took us a while to connect with the people there. They were speaking German and we could speak very little German. But when Helga brought out the accordion and they started singing songs, we were able to make our way over to join in the fun. We didn't know what they were singing, but we enjoyed it anyway.

I spent a good portion of the night talking to Uwe (OO-veh). He could speak some English (much more than I could speak German), but if I spoke to quickly or used a lot of American idioms he couldn't understand me. So I slowed down my speech, I used simple words and sentence construction and we had a great time talking together.

That night in Trossingen we communicated quite a lot. We shared songs and laughter, but relatively few words. Many words do not make good communication.

The photo is from TOB Trossinger Online Bilderportal.

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