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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Story and Good News - Journey

Once you have a setting and a conflict in your story it's time for the journey. This is the move from conflict to resolution. It takes movement to get to a resolution. If the main character in a story is motionless, there is no hope for resolution and therefore no story. But when the movement starts, the story begins to flow.

If we are going to join others in story and let them see our story, then we need to be willing to move and to move with them. We admit that we aren't finished, we aren't at the resolution of our story, but we are (hopefully) moving in that direction. When we're willing to move it lets other people feel comfortable moving too.

One way to apply this in communication, and specifically online communication, is that we can't hold, unswerving to our point of view. No matter how firm our belief, if we're on a journey, we need to be willing to move.

Here's what I'm NOT saying: I'm not suggesting that you give up your beliefs or that you become a moral relativist. I'm not telling you to be wishy-washy about your trust in God.

What I am saying is that you should be open to growth. You don't believe the same things now as you did when you were five years old. You, at some point, learned that Santa Claus is pretend (I hope, otherwise I just ruined it for you). You're on a journey of learning about yourself and learning about God. What I'm saying is that you should let other people see that journey and join you in the process. What you believe now, at this moment, is the result of your whole life leading up to this point. It's the product of your story.

Don't be afraid of showing your doubts when you're online. They are a part of your journey. For the same reason we have books in the bible like Lamentations, Habakkuk, Job and Psalms. A faithful life is not always a sure life and it's definitely not a static life. Bad things happen and good things happen and the faithful person journeys through all of it with God. The journey isn't always one of understanding, but it's one of trust.

Share that process. Share your journey. Share your story.

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