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Friday, April 13, 2012

Go See Blue Like Jazz the Movie

I admit I'm biased. I loved the book. I contributed to the Kickstarter fundraiser and I want to see the movie be successful in the theaters. I haven't seen it yet (I bought my tickets for Saturday), so I can't post a review myself, but I do want to point you to some great buzz going on about the movie.

It was screened at South by Southwest to good reviews.
"While I do not think one little review from me will convince you that Blue Like Jazz is not out to convert you, it is a film that does not deserve the dismissal from everyone just because it does deal with religion.  It has enough credibility with SXSW to at least be on your radar as a film to take a chance on."
The Onion's AV Club gives is a B+ (and the fans give it an A-).
"Blue Like Jazz tips its hand at the end, but until then, it’s a glorious anomaly: a subtle, sophisticated, open-minded, and courageously non-judgmental Christian film even non-believers can enjoy. Hallelujah!"
The New York Times is less complimentary, but still finds beauty and value in the film.
"Directed with the occasional imaginative (if unnecessary) flourish by Steve Taylor, “Blue Like Jazz” was adapted from a book by Donald Miller, and much of it feels as if it were drawn from real experience. Sincere and literary in its presentation of themes — “Animal House” it ain’t — the movie aims for quirky comedy but mostly settles for broad." 
As of this posting, 93% of Rotten Tomatoes viewers like the movie.
"Blue Like Jazz is a movie that apparently wants to do for Jesus what "Garden State" did for The Shins" ~Rob Thomas, Capitol Times
So, are you going to see the movie?

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