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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Hiatus and a Dearth of Words

I took three weeks off from this blog. Some of it was on purpose to finish my Kickstarter (thank you for your generous help) and some of it just happened.

Almost immediately after the Kickstarter campaign ended, I started teaching 9th grade bible at a local Christian school. Now, every morning, I'm talking about Jesus with a room full of 14 year old people. When I get home from that and sit down at my computer to write - I just don't have the words.

I've even sat at the Facebook status box and found I have nothing to say. It's odd for someone who thrives on words to suddenly not have them available to share. I've been reflecting on it and here's what I think.

  • We each have a certain number of words to use per day (this isn't new to me, others have said it before) and I suddenly shifted my words from written to spoken when I started teaching. 
  • But we move words as if they're weights. Our limit is based on our strength and skill. With practice and determination, we can increase our word-limit. 
  • My words are pulled not pushed. That means I have to think about what I say, let the words build up inside me, and then I share them. My words are pulled by my passions and the needs of others. It's not as if I have to say anything. If I don't feel like I have something to contribute, I'm fine being silent. 
I'll have more words soon. I'm working on my word-strength, daily.

What do you do when the words run out?

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