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Monday, July 27, 2009

PowerPoint tips and tricks #1

PowerPoint is a powerful software tool that, unfortunately, suffers from under-use. Truly awful presentations are often the result of the user not knowing how to take full advantage of the tool that they have.

I will regularly be posting tips about how to get the most out of this software.

Today: Key helpers
CTRL, SHIFT, and ALT can really help you get things done.

Dragging and dropping - hold down CTRL to make a copy, hold down SHIFT to move in a straight line (either vertically or horizontally), hold down ALT to move smoothly (it won't jump from point to point).

Resizing - hold down CTRL to expand the item from the middle, hold down SHIFT to expand while maintaining the aspect ration, hold down ALT to expand smoothly (it still won't jump from point to point).

Selecting - hold down SHIFT to select multiple page elements

Get Fancy - you can combine many of these tips. For example you can select multiple page elements by SHIFT-clicking on them and then hold down CTRL to make copies of them all. You can drag and drop holding down both SHIFT and CTRL to make a copy that is in a straight line from the original. You can hold down all three to make a copy that is in a straight line and moves smoothly.

What tips do you have?

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