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Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Teach Naked"

Funny how that title gets one's attention.

Over at the Chronicle of Higher Education they have an article about how the dean of the art school at Souther Methodist University has removed all the computers from his classrooms and instead enouraged the teachers to "teach naked."
More than any thing else, Mr. Bowen wants to discourage professors from using PowerPoint, because they often lean on the slide-display program as a crutch rather using it as a creative tool.
I wonder, though, whether eliminating the tool is the solution. It seems to me that PowerPoints are "boring" because they are poorly used and poorly designed. I don't think that a teacher who provides poor quality PowerPoints will all of the sudden be interesting because they aren't pojecting their lecture anymore.

Kudos to them for seeing the problem. Maybe they need some help with a better solution.

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