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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

I recently read Don Miller's new book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I like it. A lot.

He writes about story and how his learning about story has helped him to change the way he lives real life in order to make it a more compelling story. I dig it. I think that story has a lot to teach us about life. Stop and think about why almost every story has the same basic elements. And it never gets old. There is something about story that speaks to a deep part of us. Story stirs a deep longing within us.

Sermons can be stories. Jesus was a master at using story to captivate and educate people. In order to be a good story there has to be a plot and conflict and resolution. I won't belabor the idea of preaching in stories, that's been done before. Rather, think about how images can powerfully evoke a sense of conflict or resolution. Images can guide people into and through the story of the sermon.

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