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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Remember that old Loverboy song: "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" that played in the 80's? I still don't know if it was an every-man anthem or some sort of critique of modern life. What do you think?

I thought of this song because the wife and I are working mindless temp jobs right now. Our weeks are a mindless trudge that only get better when the weekend comes. A part of what makes it very difficult is that there's no change, no challenge, no variety in our jobs. We show up, do the same thing for eight hours, and then leave. We have no trajectory to our work, no projects that we can be proud of, no way to improve or motivate ourselves.

What happens when church looks like this? When Sunday morning has no trajectory, no improvement or motivation? I've seen it happen, have you? What would you do if your church life was tedious and draining? How could you change it?

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