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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Less is More (part 2)

Geoff Surratt posted a blog about how to make a good sermon great - cut it. He shares that the best sermons are ones in which the majority of the research is unseen by the audience. You don't have to expose every detail, every resource, to preach a great sermon. You need to make the Scriptures come alive for your congregation.

The same is true for your images. Don't try to show a picture for every point in your sermon. Don't try to have a caption for every passage. Cut things down. I often preach with less than a half dozen slides. I like to have an opening slide, something like the church logo or the theme logo for the sermon series. This can sit up there while I introduce the sermon and get started. I want a slide for my first point, second point, and third point. Sometimes I will use blank, black slides between points if I have a longer transition and I don't want to distract people. Then I will often end on a conclusion slide or the theme logo again. In either case I put the theme logo at the end so that I can move off my last slide and still have something projected.

How do you cut things down for greater effect?

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