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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Do Too Much, You're Not Superman.

Will Mancini blogged about the Tyranny of More. He highlighted six myths that churches buy into regarding what they're doing and how they can be effective in their context.
STRATEGIC MYTHS: Saying Yes to the Wrong Things with Good Intentions
MYTH #1 Since Larger Churches Do More, We Should Do More to Grow Larger
MYTH #2 More Options Will Attract More People
MYTH #3 Designated Funds Alone Justify Something New
PASTORAL MYTHS: Failing to Say No to the Wrong Things with Good Intentions
MYTH #4 Starting New Ministries Honors the Passion and Gifts of my People
MYTH #5 More Programs Will Meet More Needs
MYTH #6 A Good Leader Involves More People in Decision-making
We need to hear this message. Churches don't need to be the clearing house for every activity. Piling on more and more programs won't make us better at reaching lost people with the good news.

This applies to presentations as well. We don't need to add more to the visual aspect of our churches just because we can. We need to add with purpose for a goal.

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