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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Less is More (part 3)

Five slides for $10 million. That averages out to $2 million per slide. Tim Young, over the last year, has raised all this money to start three different companies. Most of that time he used just five slides in his presentations.

His rules for presentations:

I always follow a few simple yet critical rules for slides:
1. Faces, faces, faces. It’s all about the faces (a little ode to Dave McClure). In your slide deck, remember to use the faces of your employees. Do not just list a bunch of employee names. Remember that investors are investing primarily in a team of people. Make sure to feature them and reinforce it.
2. Keep it simple and the less text the better. I try not to have more than one point or key message per slide. Anything more and you will see people picking up their Blackberry.
3. Make sure your slide deck communicates a story. Sure, the product and team are great, but you want to share the journey and offer the investors a ride.
4. Never read your slides. The potential investor is trying to understand who you are and how well you can sell your vision. Reading from your slides removes all passion from the presentation.
5. Slides should have supporting data only. Remember what you say is what counts the most; not just what is on your slides.
and most importantly:
6. Slides can’t look into peoples’ eyes. You can. Your eyes help sell your vision, passion, enthusiasm, and most importantly, the journey you want to share with the potential investor.

How can you apply this to preaching with PowerPoint on Sunday?

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