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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Does Anyone Care about Your Work?

A drop of water, over time, can change the face of the earth. If the water drops, consistently, in the same spot, nothing can withstand it. Stone will melt away in the face of the onslaught. But it will take time. If the water stops or moves, the progress is lost. It's the consistent action, doing the same thing in the same place, that has the aggregate affect.

Your work is like water. You may want to come in like a torrent and push everything around in a rush. You may see the end that you want, the stones worn down to nubs by your effort, but it won't happen quickly. Even a torrent takes time to build and grow into a raging storm before breaking forth in a flood, and torrents are rare. But drops of water are common. They are everywhere, all the time.

As you create, stay consistent. Keep your message the same, keep your work flowing, maintain your pace. Just keep doing what you're doing. At this moment it might feel as if you're shattering against the rock. Everything you do is broken by the act of sharing it, or worse, it's ignored altogether. But keep doing what you're doing. Your consistency will build an audience. Your work will carve a path. Your time will yield results. Eventually.

How do you stay consistent when you can't see the results of your hard work?

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