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Friday, January 13, 2012

Beg the Question

Look for the question that lies behind overt statements. Especially right now as election season is gearing up toward its most rancorous, there are a lot of bold statements being bandied about.

Health care.

Bank bailouts.




All of those topics have myriad points of view from which they can be approached. Politicians will make strong assertions about them one way or another. But under those assertions lies a question that is driving the discussion. If there wasn't a question, then it wouldn't be an issue that people are talking about.






So many issues are really questions, at heart. As you sit in church or school or at work and you hear bold claims. Ask yourself, what's the underlying question that makes this issue something to be discussed. When you start dealing with the questions, instead of the supposed answers, then it's possible to find some common ground and, perhaps, move toward some real answers.

As long as we remain unaware of the questions that are driving everything we say and do, we'll be unable to provide any real answers.

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