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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I learned a few things about strawberries. First, they are hearty plants. We found these plants nearly covered by weeds, yet most of the strawberry plants are bearing fruit.

I learned that strawberries got their name because people would place straw underneath the plants so the berries would not rest on the ground and go bad while they ripened.

I also learned that hay and straw are different things - hay being dried grass and food for animals, straw being dried chaff from grains and bedding for animals. The major difference for the berries is that straw will not absorb water and decompose whereas hay will.

What lessons can you find for following Christ from a strawberry plant?

Even in the worst of conditions we can still bear fruit. Our fruit may be of little use, though, if we don't improve the conditions soon. Just because it looks right, it may not be right; check that what you are doing will actually help and not hurt your situation.

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