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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Would Jesus Use PowerPoint?

Jesus preached a lot, but he didn't use any technology. So, we don't know if Jesus would approve or disapprove of the use of PowerPoint based on his use of other technology. Jesus did use a boat so that he could preach out on a lake and have his voice carry to more people (shout across the water and see what happens). It's likely that the sermon on the mount was given with Jesus using increased elevation to make himself heard. So, we know that Jesus would use his surroundings to get his message across.

If he walked into your church today would he toss your IT guy a flash drive with his PowerPoint slides on it? I don't think he would need to use it as some sort of gimmick to get people to pay attention, but he was always using visual aids. He pointed to the temple or to the poor widow or to the farmer or the child on his lap. I think it is possible that Jesus would use pictures in a PowerPoint to the same effect. I don't think he would use bullet points or read from his slides. He would still tell stories and parables that engaged people's imaginations rather than lecturing and giving people the only answer.

What do you think? Would Jesus use PowerPoint?

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