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Monday, July 26, 2010

iPad Presentations in the Real World

I haven't bought an iPad, but I've heard a lot of buzz around it and there are quite a few preachers that want to know if this will be their next presentation tool. Jan Schultnik over at Slides that Stick recently did a field test with his iPad. How did his experience of presenting with Apple's new device work out? Read on.

First, this was a one-on-one presentation, not like preaching to a large church. He reported problems getting his presentation onto the device - the Keynote app on the iPad wouldn't do what he needed, PowerPoint couldn't transfer, and ultimately he had to use a PDF that had been created on his Mac version of PowerPoint which was imported from his PC version of PowerPoint. Not smooth at all. The presentation was outside, so the screen was difficult to see, and the sensitive touch screen on the iPad made for some miscues in transitions and zooming.

According to Jan: "So, not a perfect experience, but I am learning."

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