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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Teaching Like Jesus

Yesterday I asked if Jesus would use PowerPoint. Since then, I found an article over at on a similar topic. Alan Nelson says:
Jesus used a variety of teaching styles. He used mentoring, small group instruction, parables, visual aids, strategic questions, and other forms of active learning. When you think about it, Jesus’ primary discipleship method was a three-year experiential model in which the disciples experienced life with him, resulting in history’s most effective transformation of a small group.
Going on to point out that most churches today don't teach like Jesus at all. He says that Jesus accomplished his teaching by engaging people in experience. Yet, most sermons are lectures with no experience.

How can sermons engage people in experiential learning? One way is to get people engaged in conversation. One option is to use classic artwork, which is available for most bible stories, to evoke conversation.

What would you do to teach via experience?

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