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Monday, July 19, 2010

The iPhone 4 Antenna Debacle and Preaching

I've been having a great conversation with a friend of mine about the iPhone 4 antenna issues. If you don't know what's been going on (or you don't want to click on that handy link I put there just for you), I'll fill you in.

Apple came out with a new phone - the iPhone 4, and one of the big changes was to the antenna design so that it would get better reception and not drop as many calls as the 3GS and previous version. Well, the new antenna has a slight flaw such that when you hold it as shown in the picture, the antenna is shorted out by your hand and it drops calls.


Back to my conversation. My friend loves Apple and their products and he was defending them through all of this against the sensationalist bloggers that have been blowing this whole mess out of proportion. My response was to say that the bloggers may be sensationalists just trying to cash in, but the reason they can do this is because Apple, as a company, has a reputation for making flawless products. For them to make this kind of mistake is news because they so rarely make mistakes. Actually it's a compliment to a company that does great work with few mistakes.

As a preacher is your reputation so high that any mistake is instantly noticeable because it is so far out of the norm? As a church do you shine so brightly that people are willing to point out the tiniest flaw? I think it should be a compliment.

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