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Friday, March 04, 2011

Is Controversy Healthy?

Controversy drives our news cycle. It gets one story to the top of the news feed and keeps other stories from being seen at all. At the end of this month, Rob Bell is releasing his next book, entitled Love Wins
 where he looks at the end fate of people. The problem is that the promotional material is highly controversial. This has caused some people like, John Piper, to bid him farewell from Christianity. There's no doubt that the controversy will sell books, but it also pits Christians against each other in bitter fights. I'm not sure that the controversy is very healthy, even if it does sell books.

1 comment:

PastorGregO said...

I'm hoping that, in the end, Bell is hyping up a book sale and that he really wont say that there are some like many roads to heaven. Probably He'll just ask lost of questions and never really answer any of them.