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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Lost

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Imagination is a powerful tool. You can get lost in your own imagination. Daydreaming, doodling and pondering; we all have moments where our imagination runs away with us. When you're speaking to people though, you need to find those places where imagination and message coincide.

Instead of describing every detail of a scene for your audience, give them license to imagine the setting. Paint a picture with broad strokes then invite them to step inside with you.

"Paul and Silas were sitting in chains. The prison's bars kept them in but did little to shield them from the elements. The weather beat against them all day and into the night."

So were they hot or cold? Dry or wet? What does your imagination tell you? This is just a simple example of allowing space for imagination. But if we invite people to get lost with us then their minds will connect even more with what we're saying.

When using images, start a story. Don't finish everything, but show the beginning of action or movement. Let people imagine what happens next. If the photo is closely connected to your topic then the imagination will reinforce. But if the image is too tangential then it will distract.

What do you imagine from the picture with this blog? How have you engaged people's imaginations?

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