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Monday, May 23, 2011


We're taking a break from our regularly scheduled blog to bring you this important announcement. Ok, maybe it's not super important, but it's a big deal to us. We have chickens for the first time. On Saturday we finished building the hen house and then the chickens came home to roost -- so to speak. We still need to put together the chicken run so they can have a place to be outside, but we're making progress.

The hen house and chicken run are all made from recycled materials. We took a trip to the Rebuilding Center in Portland and found a wealth of material. Just because it's been used once doesn't mean that it can't be used again.

When I put together presentations I save the images and keep them organized so that I can find them later. I usually organize them by the title of the presentation all within a PowerPoint images folder on my computer. Then if I need one of the images again I can sort through and find what I'm looking for.

How can you recycle your presentation work for future projects?

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