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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Losing Control

Often we're worried about control. We have an idea, a message, a plan and we want to see it happen. So we work, we speak, we plot to see it become a reality. But then other people get connected and hear the idea. They bring their own thoughts, words and plans to the table. If your idea is going to spread you have to give up some control.

Here's the most dangerous point in any endeavor. The point of losing control. If you're driving and you lose control the car can spin off the road and you might be injured or die. If you lose control of your idea, it might go horribly wrong and end up doing harm. If you lose control of your message it might be re-interpreted and spread by people you don't know to say things you didn't mean.


You could be driving and lose control into a skid that slides you around a corner and into a new direction smoothly. In driving it's called drifting. It's the act of losing control, on purpose. The car's tires lose traction and the vehicle slides to the side rather than going in the direction of the wheels. Check out the video below for a better explanation than I can give with words.

The point is that losing control isn't always a bad thing, if you can manage it. If you know what's happening, you can direct the loss of control and let things move in a different direction in a safe way.

How can you lose control well?

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