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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Types of Facebook Users

Stereotypes can be fun sometimes. But only when they aren't intended to offend anyone. I'm not wanting to give offense, just look at some of the ways that people can be stereotyped on Facebook. Just so you know, several of these apply to me, so I'm not trying to be unfair or mean, just observant.

Game-Booker - She only posts about her current needs in FarmCityMafiaVille. Your correspondence is comprised of requests to play the game with her.

Omni-Booker - He tells you everything that he's doing from morning to night. "I woke up with lines on my face." "We were out of cereal for breakfast." "There's bad traffic on the 5 today."

TMI-Booker - She shares way too much information online in public: "I had some runny poo today, I wonder if it's because of all the bran muffins."

LOL-Booker - He thinks that the abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud is a punctuation mark. "The dog is wet and smells LOL" "My hamster just died LOL"

Cause-Booker - She believe strongly in a lot of different causes - and every one of them shows up in the status updates. You don't know where she lives, but you know her top 22 charities.

Spouse-Booker - His updates all center around how much he loves his spouse. They have the added benefit of being an emetic.

Link-Booker - She shares links with you. Every link. All the time. Instead of status updates you get links to videos, websites and Groupons.

Statistical Guilt-Booker - He reposts the status about people who have cancer, diabetes, ugly kittens or excess phlegm then adds the barb that if you don't repost it as your status you're one of the 97% who don't care enough.

Photo-Booker - Rather than status updates, she takes pictures of everything she does and posts them on Facebook. Often she's using her mobile phone so the pictures are coming in as the action is happening.

Food-Booker - Every post he makes is somehow related to food. Food he just ate, food he's about to eat or food he just bought. Extra bonus if this is also the TMI-Booker and you get to hear the final fate of the food.

Quote-Booker - She shares quotes that inspire her. But none of her own words. Or she might share her favorite quotes from TV shows (without regard to the fact that she's watching the show live and ruining it for people with DVR or Hulu).

Baby-Booker - Every status update consists of minute detail about the progress of a baby. "Horatio just had his first poo." "Cyrano is sleeping for 3.783 hours at a stretch now."

Blog-Booker - She only posts statuses that are also links to her blog posts. Who would do such a thing?

Ego-Booker - His posts are all about self-promotion. His new project. His new website. His new album. His new article. It's all about him.

Vague-Booker - Her posts are never quite clear what they mean and usually prompt at least one comment asking what's going on. Vague-Bookers can also be Passive-Aggressive-Bookers.

Twitter-Booker - He posts to Facebook through Twitter so all the status updates are littered with Twitter-bit like hash-tags and at-replies. "Totally just saw @jtw78 at #pbl11 #sweet"

What other stereotypes have you come across?

Special thanks to my friends for helping me to come up with this list (via a status update on Facebook no less): Arwen, Spencer, Rebecca Marie, Morgan, Rich, Ryan, Ben. You guys rock.

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