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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Always Be Learning

When I was in computer sales there was a phrase that we were supposed to live by, three short words that were meant to sum up our priorities on the job: Always. Be. Closing.

The idea was that we should always be thinking about how we could close the next sale. That style doesn't really work for me, though. I'm not the kind of guy who wants to receive a lot of pressure from a salesperson, so I, naturally, don't want to be that type of salesperson.

Instead, I adopted the mantra: Always. Be. Learning. It worked well for me, especially since computer technology changes so quickly. I was always up-to-date on the latest developments in the computer industry and I could explain it to people in meaningful terms. I became the kind of salesperson who had the answers to any question (or I could find the answers in short order). My appeal to the customers wasn't based on my amazing charm, but based on the fact that I knew what they needed to know.

No matter what your job you can't stay static. You must keep learning and improving or you'll become obsolete. No matter what your passion, if you don't keep up with current events, you'll be left behind in short order. Always. Be. Learning.

I've been blogging here (consistently) for over two years now and I just learned some cool tricks about how to use social media resources to make my blog better and connect with more people. Thanks to my friend Breanna, the editor of Dollar Store Mom, I learned about the power of StumbleUpon. I had played around with the service years ago, but I was only looking at it from the perspective of being able to find sites that I wanted to browse. Now I see that it can be much more than that. I've only been actively using StumbeUpon for  three days and it already accounts for 8% of my blog traffic - that's pretty significant.

What have you learned recently that's made you better at your job or your hobby?