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Thursday, September 08, 2011

What's Next?

"So . . . what are your plans?"
"What are you going to do now?"
"What's next for you?"

Those are a few of the questions that we've been fielding lately. The reason is, that at the beginning of July, we were asked to leave the home we had been sharing with Ryan and Jessica Woods. We were living in an intentional community with them and working to start a new expression of church in downtown Vancouver, Washington. You can read about their decision in their most recent newsletter here.

Over the month of July we found a new place to live -- completely due to the connections we had made in the community. We moved and just settled before we took off for England so I could speak at the European Christian Workshop. Now it's September and we're back to . . . not normal.

We don't really know what's next for us. We don't have a plan. Actually, let me revise that. Our plan is to make no plans right now. We're going to keep living and working in this neighborhood for the immediate future. We trust that God brought us to Vancouver for a reason. We were blessed to work with Ryan and Jess and to learn from them. They have amazing skills of developing relationships and we have learned, just a bit, about what that looks like for us. The last nine months have been a joy and a blessing.

Next, though . . . we don't really know. The next steps in our journey can't happen until we live our current step. We won't steal from this moment by attempting to anticipate a future over which we have no control.

How do you practice living in the present?

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