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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better Now than Never

Jon Acuff, the mind behind Stuff Christians Like and one of the people who keeps Dave Ramsey online and organized. Yesterday he presented at The NINES and said some amazing things. The one that I took away and that I'm going to continue to ponder is this: "90% perfect and shared with the world is better than 100% perfect and still in your head."

That tells me to stop wasting time trying to perfect something when I can get it out the door. It won't change any lives as long as it stays inside my head. It won't make the world one whit better if I'm still agonizing over the last detail. My next book. My next sermon. My next blog post. My next job. My next . . . won't even exist if I try to make everything 100% perfect.

But, if I work hard and make things almost perfect and then share them, they can change the world. I still have to put in an effort. I still create a high quality product. I still polish my words and dress well for my interview, but I stop worrying about the last 10% and just do it.

Your school transcript doesn't show if you got a 100% or a 90%. It just says "A."

What do you need to share with the world now?