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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Standing Desk - Day 3

I've been through the first two days of the standing desk experiment and am writing at the cusp of the third. Based on some good advice from several people on Facebook and from the article on Lifehacker, I've been gradually phasing into the standing desk mode.

On the first day I stood for an hour and then sat for an hour. At the end of the day I was definitely tired of standing. It didn't help that we went to rehearse with our community choir that night so there was more standing in store for me. So when day two rolled around, I was a bit on the tired side, but I still upped the standing from one hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. I also dropped the sitting time to just forty-five minutes. Again, at the end of the day I was tired of standing and ready to sit, but it wasn't unbearable.

My tiredness is mostly in my feet and back. But it's not too different from when I've worked standing jobs in the past. It's nice that I get to transition into things though. One of the issues that I had to address is the height of my second monitor. My main computer is a laptop, so I placed that on a portable lapdesk with legs that increases the height perfectly for me. But the monitor was still at desk level, which was too low and placed my neck in an awkward position. I found a five inch riser for the monitor which brings it up enough so that the top is at the same height as my laptop screen from my perspective.

Another issue that I'm dealing with today is that I have grown accustomed to resting my arms on something. When sitting, I'll rest my arms on the desk, but that doesn't exist in the standing position so I have been resting my arms on my wrists on the keyboard of my laptop. At the end of the day yesterday it was to the point of begin painful. So, this morning I'm having the force myself to keep my wrists in the correct neutral position. Even as I'm typing this I can feel the muscles getting tired from the unaccustomed work, but it will be better in the end if I don't develop a repetitive stress injury, so I'll tough it out.

What else do I have to discover? Today I ramp up the standing to 1:30 and sitting to 0:30 and by Friday I'll only be taking 15 minute sitting breaks. The plan is to start on Monday standing all day.

What thoughts do you have? What questions do you have?

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