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Monday, February 13, 2012

Standing Desk - Week 1

This is my (messy) standing desk.
I spent one week (four day actually) getting accustomed to the standing desk setup. You can see my configuration pictured on the right. The TV/second monitor swivels depending on the time of day. During work hours it extends my screen space, but in the evening, it's our primary source of entertainment.

I found the lap-desk at Goodwill and it puts my computer at the right height so that my elbows are at 90 degrees when I'm typing. That meant, though, that I needed to adjust my typing habits. I've grown accustomed to resting my wrists the laptop below the keyboard, but when my arms are at the right position, that hurts my wrists. So there's another habit I'm changing.

The size of the TV isn't too bad since it sits at the back of the desk and I have the laptop at the front of the desk, the tops of the screens are about the same height from my perspective. It's a little too low, but because it's a dual use item that's going to have to remain the case for now.

My biggest adjustment has been standing. I opted to stay with slippers, working on the theory that my feet are the best design for supporting my body and the slippers don't interfere with the way my feet work. Shoes force feet to conform to a certain orientation. I gradually ramped up the standing from one hour on and one hour off, to 1:15 on 0:45 off, 1:30 on 0:30 off and on Friday 1:45 on and just 0:15 off. That makes today (Monday) the first day of all day standing. I'll sit for lunch and other breaks, but my work will be only standing.

I already mentioned that one benefit I'm feeling is being physically tired at the end of the day, which has helped with my insomnia. I also feel like I'm taking a break when I'm done with work, which is a good thing too. Overall, I'm loving the standing desk, but I'll keep experimenting to see what's working and what isn't.

Do you have any thoughts or questions?

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