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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dave Ramesy up Your Sermons

My wife and I are fans of Dave Ramsey. He's a speaker, author and talk show host that advocates budgeting and getting out of debt. He's been selling out arenas all over the country.

If you don't know who Dave Ramsey is, you might think that sounds weird. He sells out stadiums talking to people about finances - and telling them to do hard things like cutting up their credit cards and getting out of debt.

There are a bunch of financial guys and they aren't popular and even though my wife and I read their books, we still had a hard time following their advice. The difference isn't in the information, but in the inspiration (something Dave said recently).

People don't change just because they receive better information. They won't believe just because your sermon is the most exegetically sound. People change because they are given better information and they are inspired to do something about it. Dave cuts up credit cards on stage and shows the stories of people who have gotten out of debt. How can your sermon inspire people?

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