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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Powerful Presentation

I got to hear a great presentation from Ken Shackelford recently. He was speaking about the Jade Tree Project and the struggles of his son and the faithfulness of the Father through it all.

What I want to highlight for this blog is that he did a great job of using visuals to augment and enhance his sermon without being constrained or limited by his presentation. There were some technical difficulties, but he connected with the A/V guy and smoothly moved on. He knew his material well enough to just flow with it. He also deeply engaged with the audience emotionally through a dramatic reading of Psalm 22 and a transparent telling of his story.

I was transported through his presentation. The lines between us blurred and the lines between me and the text blurred. This was no rigid thing - there were no bullet points, but rather there was connection and feeling - facilitated by a great use of images in preaching (using Keynote if you were curious).

Great job, Ken.

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