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Monday, March 22, 2010

We Need Each Other (Healthcare riff)

In the talk below Jonathan Haidt talks about the differences between liberal and conservative by looking at 5 different moral traits. There are some different traits that lead us to think, act, and vote in different ways. But when we don't engage in dialog with other viewpoints we are trapped. We calcify our point of view and we cannot conceive of change. Basically we're trapped in a world of our own creation - similar to the Matrix.

But what if you wanted to see this world get better? We need each other. Liberals are good at being open to change and seeking the needs of the marginalized. Conservatives are good at being guarding the path to make sure we don't go too far and advocating for the rights of established people. We need both! We need to help the marginalized but not to the detriment of the established. We need to be open to change, but not so quickly that we leave everything that's familiar behind us.

We desperately need each other. Can we please stop fighting and just talk about this? Please!

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