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Friday, March 12, 2010

Your Focus Determines Your Reality

I was listening to Will Mancini on a podcast from Rev Magazine yesterday. First, let me say, these are voices that you need to hear - they are saying some good and important stuff for church and ministry.

Will was sharing about what makes a church grow or decline. The one, major issue that Will has identified as a difference between growing and declining churches is that growing churches develop leaders. He said that there are three different modes in which we can function: technician, manager, and leader. A technician does the work, a manager makes sure the work is done, and a leader empowers people.

How are you developing leaders in your ministry? Are you a technician in your preaching - is it just a job to get done? Or are you a leader where you empower others to preach and teach too?

It's great if you are an exciting, engaging speaker, but how are you building up the next generation of leaders to do the same?

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