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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Luck Favors the Prepared

Louis Pasteur, the creator of the method known by his name, first connected disease to micro-organisms. Through countless hours of experimentation he refined his hypothesis to the point where he could consistently eliminate infection in patients by washing his hands. His theories also led to sterilizing food with heat so food could keep longer. Because of his discoveries untold millions have survived hospital stays that would have killed them previously. Due to his work billions of people have had access to cheaper, safer, longer-lasting food.

Pasteur didn't say: "Luck favors the prepared," but something very close, "Chance favors the prepared mind." Yesterday I mentioned that self promotion is a bit like gambling, you never really know if things will work out. However, you can never be lucky if you don't work hard to put yourself in the right position first. Pasteur may have been lucky to find the reason for infection and food spoilage, but he only did so because he built on the work of scientists before him who discovered microscopes and microbes.

Prepare yourself for possibility that your next sermon will transform your church. Prepare yourself for the chance that your next blog post will get five thousand hits. Prepare yourself, or you won't be ready when and if luck knocks.

How do you need to prepare your mind? What chance are you hoping for?


Mark said...

As Randy Harris has put it, many of us are born on third base, but think we hit a triple.

James Wood said...

I've never heard that. Awesome!