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Monday, February 21, 2011

Purposeful use of Technology

Technology isn't necessarily good. I know that my whole blog is predicated on the notion that the use of technology to amplify the message of sermons is a good thing. I still think that, but I don't think that technology is inherently good.

Technology is a tool. We can use it to benefit preaching, ministry and life, but it can also be a tool that pull us apart and divides us from each other. It can feel like we're more connected to people if we have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but our true interaction with them is limited and superficial. Realizing the power of the tool we're using is important.

You wouldn't use a saw to drive a nail because that's not the right use for the tool. It's important to find and limit the use of technology to its purpose. Facebook is a great tool for connecting with lots of people and keeping in touch with old friends, but deep conversations need to be had on the phone or in person (or over Skype). PowerPoint is a great tool for projecting images and video, but it's not the right tool to carry an entire message, nor it is supposed to offer projected outlines and bullet points. If that's what you want to do, create a document and hand it to people rather that projecting it.

Use technology, but use it with a purpose and use it in line with the its strengths.

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