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Friday, February 11, 2011

Putting Audio in PowerPoint (part 5)

I know that you are feeling the stress of the cliffhanger from yesterday. Today I'm going to let you know what to do if you need to take your PowerPoint presentation on the go, but the audio (or video) files don't embed. Not to fear, the solution is before you.

Plug in a flash drive to the computer where you created the presentation. Then open up that PowerPoint and click on the Office Button in the upper left. Click on "Publish" then "Package for CD" just like in the picture. Type in a name for the folder you're going to create. The presentation you have open is automatically added to the list, but if you want to save more (like if you're going away for a conference) you can click "Add Files" to put in more PowerPoint slideshows.

Choose whether you want the files to play automatically (Viewer Format) or if you just want to copy the files (Archive Format) by clicking the "Options" button. Make sure that the box next to "Linked Files" has a check in it. Click "OK" when you're done.

Next click "Copy to Folder" and point to the flash drive you plugged into your computer then click "OK." This will copy the PowerPoint files and all the linked media to a folder and change the link settings so that the presentation knows where to look for the files when it comes time to play them. Once the copying is complete you should have a fully portable version of your presentation with all the audio files intact.

Note: the presentation will need to be played from the flash drive or the entire folder will need to be copied over to the computer that is running the PowerPoint projector to make sure the files stay in place.

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