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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Conference Table Effect

The Conference Table Effect is a term I use to describe what happens when an idea is discussed too long by the same people with no outside input or critique.

For example, RadioShack is in the process of rebranding themselves as The Shack, giving up on almost 90 years of work under their old name. Saying that customers are already dropping the "Radio" when referring to the company, they decided to embrace it.

I'm sorry, but that's dumb. RadioShack is an historical icon in the electronics industry and they succumbed to the Conference Table Effect. They discussed the idea around a conference table and a bad idea eventually started to seem good.

This is similar to when you were a kid and would say the same word over and over until it sounded weird. Repetition distorts our perception of things. Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective.

When creating a PowerPoint, it is possible to get so into the details of what you're doing that you lose perspective of the whole. Get some external critique. Take some time away from the project. Start slow. Don't be another victim of the Conference Table Effect

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