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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Finding Photos

The good folks over at Lifehacker detail some neat changes in the searching options at Flickr.

When you search for photos by keyword on Flickr, you get a grid of thumbnails, each of which pops up full-sized versions in-page. (No more having to click to a new page to see what the image looks like close up and other stats.) You can set how big the thumbnails should be, and also sort results by Flickr's magical (and very useful) "Interestingness" rank.

To find Creative Commons-licensed photos only you still have to click on the "Advanced Search" link; but you can bypass that step with a little URL hacking. Append &l=cc to your search keyword shortcut to limit Flickr results to re-publishable images. Firefox keyword bookmark users: the full Flickr CC image search bookmark URL should be (Use &l=commderiv for images licensed for commercial use and derivative works.)

Thanks, Gina, for the tips.


Jason Campbell said...

The persistent source for excellent, numerous, and high quality free stock photography is Love it.

James Wood said...

I think I highlighted that on a previous post - or I should have if I didn't.

You might want to check out: Every Stock Photo - it indexes as well as several other sites. I'm just starting to play with it.