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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feminine Voice

Too often the church is dominated by the masculine voice, especially in preaching. Now I'm not trying to start an argument about "women's roles" in the church. That's not my point.

Instead of consistently using sports and war metaphors in sermons, we should expand our voice to include things that might be more applicable and understandable to the female portion of our audience.

This requires thinking with a feminine voice and hearing a feminine voice. Ask your wife about examples. Ask the ladies in your church for examples. Flip through a good magazine aimed at women (I have to specify "good" here because there is so much filth) like "Real Simple" to see what examples are coming up.

Also look for gender neutral examples as much as possible. Let's just say that it would be bad to illustrate a point with a sports metaphor and then say: "And for you ladies, that would be like being in the kitchen and . . . "

How do you preach with a feminine voice?

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