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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rules for Better Presentations

Over at Ministry Tech they published some great rules for better presentations. Below are his four rules and a little detail on the last one.

1. Don't use built in slide templates
2. Use one simple and concrete image that illustrates your point
3. Reduce the number of rectangles on screen
4. Use the rule of thirds.
Where the lines intersect are the “sweet spots” of the image. The human eye likes balance and will naturally go to these spots in an image. Place imporant elements of the image (faces. eyes, key objects, text, etc…) as close as you can to these “sweet spots”. The results will be that the eye moves smoothly through the image. It doesn’t feel chunky or choppy. People are no longer distracted by the layout. Instead they can focus on your message.

Great advice that is much needed. What would you add?

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