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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Learning All Over Again

So, my housemate Ryan had a tumor removed from his spine last week. He comes home on Thursday - just nine days after the surgery. But coming home he's going to have to learn to do just about everything anew. He can't move quite like he did before and so we've been getting the house ready (to tell the truth, some amazing people have been doing most of the work, I try to pitch in, but we're blessed by all the helpers who are making this happen). He has a new bed, he gets a shower stool (and I'm standing like a schmuck), and we're looking at getting a stool for him to use in the kitchen so he can access the lower cabinets.

Ryan is amazing, he's been working incredibly hard to rehab and get back to life as normal. But he's having to learn how to live, all over again.

Sometimes it's a good thing for us to learn things again. Things we thought we knew. But when we go through the process of learning with the knowledge and perspective we have now, we can improve and grow in more ways than the first time around.

In the couple minute video below you can see how to tie your shoes. I know that you can already tie your shoes, but you're probably doing it wrong. Learn it again and learn it better this time around.

How would you apply this to presenting?

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