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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everything is Different

When everything changes, that's exhausting. One of the reasons that moving and getting married are toward the top of the list of stressful activities is that change freaks our brains out.

The gray matter in your noggin is a change detector. It does an amazing job of finding what's new and ignoring what's stayed the same. All of the things in your life that are constant begin to fade into the background and just the different things pop to the surface and demand the attention of your brain power.

But when you're in a completely new situation, the change can become overwhelming. If you've ever traveled to a new country, after a while all the change just begins to drive you crazy. You have to think about where to go to the store, what all the different brands are, how to cook, how to eat and just about everything else. That is exhausting.

When it comes time to implement change. Do it a bit at a time. You might be ready to change everything all at once, but you'll lose people to the stress of too much change. But if you don't consistently change things, then people will come to ignore everything that's happening, which is a problem in itself.

How do you tackle change?

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