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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Song Tournament - Elite Eight/Final Four

Who knew that Christmas songs could be so brutal? What we've seen so far in this tournament is nearly enough to swear one off of Christmas music altogether. But let's not get hasty.

Thus far Jingle Bells had had an easy time of it. Silent Night stepped in to change all that. The lead changed dozens of times and these two titans never let up on their intensity. Silent had the game winning shot in their grasp, but it fell short as time expired. I guess the shot was just too tender and mild.

Ave Maria looked to take out their frustration on the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. They dialed up Andrea Bocelli for the power and the sympathy, but in the end the wave of good sentiment fell to the Wonderful Time side. Bocelli went home crushed and vowing to return next year and steal Christmas (or something like that).

I don't care if you're one or 92 - this was a good, old fashioned beat down. Nat and Natalie Cole both came out for this one (they had to use computers to make it happen). Too bad, the Gentlemen were anything but. They destroyed the Christmas Song - apparently it's been said one too many times.

Fresh off destroying his arch-nemesis, Rudolph looked hungry and savage. So when the Carol of the Bells stepped in, it wasn't pretty. Probably the only thing that Rudolph hates more than Santa are bells. Hooves were flying everywhere and at the end of it there were only crushed bells left. Sad. Rudolph used to be so nice.

In the first Final Four game Jingle Bells took on the Most Wonderful Time. This was an epic showdown. The hap-happiest season versus the bright spirits. The outcome was only clear once the clock hit zeros. At first Jingle Bells jumped out to a lead, but slow and steady Most Wonderful made up ground. By the second half it was all tied up. At the end of it the only thing that saved it was the hordes of children singing the only Christmas song they know - Jingle Bells finally prevailed and won their way to the championship game.

The Merry Gentlemen then had to face an infuriated, blood-thirsty Rudolph. After the carnage of the previous contests, the Gents were a bit nervous (but not dismayed). Rudolph was near frothing at the mouth when they began, but the Gents just kept things moving at a steady pace. Rudolph frantically tried to force things and to get them to play his games (like Monopoly), but to no avail. The tidings for Rudolph are losing and shame, losing and shame.

Who will win the title game between Jingle Bells and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, tune in tomorrow to find out.

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