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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's the same thing only different

Sometimes showing something that is different from what is expected can produce an impacting emotional response. When you are preaching about Christmas you might show a picture of a Christmas tree with presents piled high. Then you could talk about some of the best presents you ever received. Then you could talk about where those presents are now - in the trash, lost, sent to goodwill. Then you could move into a text from Amos and talk about how God is against those who spend while ignoring the poor and needy.

I would be careful with this, it could seem really cruel to move people from being happy about Christmas and moving to feeling guilty. I would probably step between the hearers and the text by admitting how much I am consumed by the greed of the holiday and confessing to the church.

How do you deal with the consumerism of Christmas?

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