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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Bridge Too Far

The story of the World War II campaign to take and hold three bridges that ultimately failed, came to mind today. Yesterday I posted about the religious themes in the movie "Avatar" and it got me to thinking about finding religious themes in movies.

Sometimes it can be a great connection for people that allows them to apply the truth of Scripture in a new way. But sometimes the connection can be non-existent except in the mind of the preacher and then add more confusion than understanding.

Just like those paratroopers in Holland couldn't hold the bridge at Arnhem - wait, do you see what I just did? Yeah. That analogy doesn't really apply does it?

The moral of the story is that while video clips can be great in illustrating a point, they can also be detrimental. Don't try to stretch just to get a video clip into your sermon. Just let it happen when it works right.

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