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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A recent blog points out how the movie "Avatar" is a metaphor for evangelism.
Although Jake Sully entered Na’vi world initially with an agenda in mind, he got to appreciate their way of life, its beauty so much so that he wanted to become part of it. Eventually his presence there really helped to save them. But it was something organic. Evangelism should really be a two way street. We enter the other’s world because we really believe we are enriched by the interaction and our horizons will be enlarged. We celebrate good and beauty where ever we find it[1]. Jesus often found faith outside his religious tribe (Israel, God’s people) and praised it (Matthew 8:10; 15:28 to name a few instances). Actually, when we read the Gospels we often find Jesus saddened by the lack of faith among his own people and followers.
He brings up some great points about how evangelism ought to look and how we, as Christians, ought to be humble and open to the views of others.

How can you preach in a way that finds faith in those outside our tribe?

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