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Monday, January 04, 2010

Presentation Gear

This week I want to cover the gear that you need to present well. This won't be an exhaustive list, just some highlights of the things that might come in handy. If you need a full walk through of all the issues, there is a great series over at There you can talk about lumens and signal to noise ratio and all that jazz. I'll say this, if you are a preacher and you don't get excited about this stuff and there is someone in your church that does - let them shine and ask for help. It's a recipe for disaster for you to try to do all this without help.

I do like what they say over at e-bibleteacher: "Start simple." Don't try to recreate the dual projector, fully integrated, professionally installed system that you saw at the mega church if your church is small. Keep it simple at first.

My heart is with church planting, so I'm thinking about projection systems that are portable. I know you can do some great things with a permanent install, but even if you have your own church building there are advantages to keeping it portable. When you start it will cost less money, which is good. And if there are any objections from the church you can let them know that you're just trying it out, not making any permanent decisions (usually they'll end up loving it after a few weeks). Also, if you need to do a conference or have a movie night, you can pack it all up and take it with you.

Tomorrow we'll talk a bit about projectors.

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