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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers
Who makes the cut? Who do you stay connected with through social media? Don Miller talked about his personal system for deciding who he will follow or unfollow on Twitter.

For some the threshold of making it into the group of friends or followers is very low. Anyone can be a part of the group. There are whole sections of the internet related to how you can get more Twitter followers (but they don't usually tell you why you would want that). Sure, you're able to send a message out to a lot of people, but what is the quality of that message.

For others the threshold is very high. Only true friends make the cut to be Facebook friends. Which keeps the circle small and intimate. Sure, you're close with everyone on your Facebook page, but how can your words spread if you only know just a few people.

As with most things, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Have enough friends, but not too many. For Don it's a behavioral thing: too many posts, too much negativity, and he'll unfollow you. What boundaries do you have in your online world? What boundaries should you have?

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